Tips on how to live your best life

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Live each day like a fresh start. Don't get too hung up on what you did yesterday or what went wrong in the past. Try to learn from your mistakes and move forward, taking each day as it comes. Every day is a new opportunity for something amazing to happen.

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Stay true to yourself. Don't let other people's words or judgements get you down. You know who you are and what you're working towards so keep going on your beautiful path. Remember that you get to define who you are and no one else.

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Have confidence. Easier said than done, I know, but challenge yourself to do things that scare you. Often, confidence comes from experience so once you've faced your fears once, it'll be easier every time. Keep setting yourself new goals and keep putting yourself out there. You deserve the world as much as anyone else does.

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Have fun. Be silly. Laugh until your stomach hurts. Make stupid faces. Sing and dance in public. Don't take life too seriously. Whenever you feel trapped in your routine, remember that nothing is stopping you from breaking out and doing whatever you want.

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Celebrate yourself. Realise what makes you special. Appreciate your talents and show them off. Love your flaws and show them off too - never be ashamed. We are all unique and we all have our own special traits that make us beautiful and amazing. Don't be modest; get out there and start demanding the admiration you deserve.

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