First of all, i like this girl (lets say her name is Julie bc i don't want to use her real name) and i was talking to one of my good friends who is also good friends with Julie. I've liked Julie since the beginning of school and its the 5th week already so my good friend knows that i like her and she said i should talk to her. 2 weeks later my good friend told Julie that i liked her and she said Julie likes me back. I FREAKED OUT BC I NEVER THOUGHT SHE WOULD OF LIKED ME BACK! Today my good friend and i were talking about Julie and,again, she said i should talk to her. I told her that im super shy and i dont know how to start conversations so i would mess up but she said Julies the same. At the end of school i saw my good friend and i asked her if she talked to Julie (bc she said she would talk to her for me) and she said not yet. So i started to walk out and i hear "SARAH!!" (thats my name) so i look back and i see my good friend DRAGGING JULIE TOWARDS ME. I was walking with one of my other friends and i was grabbing on to her arm bc i didnt know what to do. My good friend came up to me with Julie and she said "Talk." UM I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO IK SHE SAID TALK BUT IM SO SHY SO WE BOTH JUST STOOD THERE FOR A MINUET JUST LOOKING AT EACH OTHER BLUSHING UGHFAWGF. i messed up bc i could of just said hi but you know me, a mess, couldn't even do THAT. :( i regret doing that so bad BUT HER EYES ARE SOOO PRETTY <3. whenever i see Julie she always has a straight face but when we were together she was smiling :)). Ive also never heard her voice so i wish too later. IM goING TO TRY AGAIN TOMORROW PLEASE WISH ME LUCK :((.

thank you someone who actually read all this i love you