Hi friends,
I've been posting a lot on all of the Hellenic (Greek) gods. Each get their own board and I base it off of their myths and the general feeling I get from them. I try to make the boards based on what I feel they want. Why do I spend time making boards to Greek Gods? Because I'm a pagan! Yep, a pagan and a witch. I am a polytheist and a practicing witch, which (ha) you may not have ever experienced or heard of before. Though in my defense, my bio is very clear or so I thought. I am so glad there's a new post option and I'm going to be posting a lot of my tumblr stuff and other thoughts I have although I'll start off really basic here so everyone understands what I'm talking about. If the concept of paganism frightens you and you think you may have to unfollow me, ultimately do what you have to but I encourage you to stay on because I think I'm kinda funny, a lot weird, and hey I might say something interesting. If you're a pagan or witch too and you're thinking "Hey same" then please pm me, follow me, say hi, knock on my door (actually please dontXD) or whatever so I can make some WeHeartIt pagan and witch friends.