FIRST; I want to give that one person who taught me a lesson a few words, but not thanking him because i didn't deserve a thing he did to me and we could've been some where, happy and together, but I'm grateful to God for this..

I have always wanted to tell u that i miss u, and then when i remember u don't i give up..
When I think about that now u have someone other than me, talking to, telling her the things u used to tell me, now that u have someone else to hold on, forgetting about me like I haven't even been in ur life, like i was nothing to u, like i have never been ur girl, really breaks me apart..

I gave u everything, all of my love and all of my body, all of my times and energy, but u just throw all away..

The best thing about it is the fact that I don't even want u back, I don't !!
Because i don't like how u make me feel anymore, I don't like it when u gave the world but then between a day and a night u just turned me to ur biggest mistakes u have ever made, u turned me to a low, simple girl u have never loved.
You can't do that to someone u love.

Now I don't even want anyone, not because I still want u.

I love u, and i miss u, but I don't want u in my life anymore. I don't want anyone because no one deserves the love i give unconditionally, no one would stay just for me, no one want my happiness as much as I do for myself, and there is no one who would love me for who I am,no one can give me the world but me, there is no one for me but me.

Eventually I learned that, it was a little late but I did! So i'm just gonna spend my life making me happy not anyone else, doing everything for me not a thing for anyone, not gonna give all of my trust to anyone. I will make all of my dreams and hopes true for me, and do not ever letting them go away again for anyone, for someone temporary, that's what my life is for, making my dreams reality not anyone else's.

I finally found the value of myself,and my life..