Hijab is a symbol of modesty and privacy, two concepts that are very important for Muslim. As many of religion such Islam, being thankful for what we have is important. What we believe in , as religion like friendship, is more important than being rich. Modesty also in the way to not show off what we have, like beauty.
The hijab have a lot of signification towards a woman.
When you wear it, you have responsibility. The Muslim that wear it should not show her body, unless her hand and her face. She should also wear clothes that doesn’t show her body. Except that nowadays, you will see more women that do it. Probably that they are not aware and they want to look like everyone. Do not judge. It is actually hard to just show off as a Muslim in 2017 because people can be afraid and all you want is people to see you as an individual. You can try to talk with those girls and have a normal conversation, but don’t talk in secret about her, because anyways it is haram. Show to people the best person you can be.

Did you know that February 1st is the World Hijab Day when every girl can try to wear the hijab for the day and see what it feels like.