So, that was the summer for this year. Well, not whole but after tomorrow the temperature is going to fall and then when august is over, i'm hoping there are no more hot days or summer weather.
Some call it the best time of the year but seriously: i don't think so. As you may have conclused from the words i said before. Summer is hot, really hot most of the time and everyone else is enjoying it. Going to the beach, having vacation near the sea or in even hotter countries and i don't get it.
In summer there is this time, when i don't have any motivation because as soon as i leave the house i am starting to sweat and it feels like hell.
don't get me wrong: i am not against someone who likes the summer and maybe there is some time in my life where i start to understand it, but it is not going to be today or tomorrow.
you know what? I wanted to meet a friend in the city near but when i think about going out and sitting in the train while there are almost 30°C outside, then i don#t want to move out of my bed or even move in bed.
i know, there are always going to be complains about the weather: "Ugh, it is too hot." "It is raining outside." "I don't like storms." "Way too cold to go outside." but for me the worsst by far is summer.
I don't speak about the summer storms- these are the only things that make me survive these season- but the hot days where everyone else i know besides my family is happy to go to the beach, get tanned (or red in my cause) and just enjoying the nice weather.
Really, these are the people who have no problem with going to hell later. I swear.