Oh Aurora,
my beautiful Aurora,
how many times
you've asked yourself
who you actually are?
I would describe you
as a sound
of silence on a peaceful
piece of violet color.

In everyone's face
i still keep searching
for your eyes.
Your name's
haunting my soul.
I keep hearing
your voice,
madly in dreams,
i keep following it.

Lavender leaves gentle
traces on your hands,
and the smell
take away your soul
on the end of
the biggest lighthouse
by the smallest gulf.
Violet color drives
your mind crazy
until you just
start loving it.
Now you see
why are you
so special.

The way
wind is playing
with your long hair,
makes me ask myself
how much love is needed.
Your pastel blue eyes
makes me ask myself
how deep the ocean is.
The way
your laugh sounds,
so soft and adorable,
you can't describe it.
Not with words,
not with facial expressions.
It's much more
than that.

Oh Aurora,
My beautiful Aurora.
How can Violet color
be that perfect?
You could cut
with it,
you could love
with it,
you could live
with it.

We had that
superpower that
everybody wanted.
We were enough
for each other.
Hand in hand,
running wild,
through the
smallest streets
of the biggest town.

Oh Aurora,
my beautiful Aurora.
In my bones,
your name still stands.
The air I breath
still has your perfume
in it.
And I don't want
it off.

Every beautiful story
has an end right?
And everybody ends
the story when
they want right?
The story of you
is still playing
in my head.
The sound of
silence is still there.
But sometimes silence
can bring madness.

Oh Aurora,
My beautiful Aurora
Do you even know,
how damn beautiful
you are?

♡♡♡ hello there! thank u guys for reading, its originally written by me, dms are always open, ly ♡♡♡