As most of you know by now Texas is being hit by Hurricane Harvey, this hurricane started out as just one of Galveston's usual tropical storms but was later bumped up to a category 3 hurricane then went up to a category 5 then was ranked down to a category 1 hurricane. I live in Houston so we have been partially hit, but that didn't stop it from flooding and causing destruction. Water has engulfed Houston and its roads. We are trying our hardest to keep calm and remain safe inside our homes. The devastation coming towards Houston is hard to take in, people are saying that Houston will be uninhabitable. This is very hard for everyone to process. Tomorrow all this horror is supposed to end. Water didn't get into my house but did get about 4 feet in height and halfway up the walkway to my house. The picture shows a day after the storm calmed down. The estimated time for Houston to get back up on its feet is 6 months. Please pray for Houston and everyone living here. Stay Safe