Since the day we can post articles, I've wanted to try it and write one - so here it is... my first article! (Can hardly believe it)

Writing has been one of the things I've always loved to do...

...and every time I write down some thoughts or feelings that kept me thinking about, I feel better.
Because from time to time everything's just too much;
Too much thoughts and too much that's going on in my head.
And that's when I need to write. Write everything down, free and in the way I want it to be written (and without anyone correcting my expressions) in my own kind of language and expression to clear my mind and to figure things out.
Writing also means coming down and remembering that stressing or overthinking all the time isn't worth it at all.

So I think that's when you should try writing if you're an introvert and if it's something you'd like to do, because it's like clearing your mind. It helps to remember who you are and finding yourself again ...after being lost in the words.

give this kind of clearing your thoughts a try, find some inspiration in my writing collection

- Melina.x