People normally, tend to see war as a threat for their lives, for peace and walfare. But every single time they forget how much we owe to war, technologies, new weapons, new laws and god knows what else.
And more importantly they forget how many lives were wasted for this purpose, how many young men died in the name of a country that didin't deserve their sacrifices.

We forget how much blood was spilled in places like:Vietnam, Corea, Afghanistan. They're not far away from us, they're not places that belong just to our imagination. And how we treat these soldiers? Even now, with globalizations and equality? Like they've been on holiday, like they left just to maintain a status quo.

"They choose to go there"; "No one forced them to do it"

That's the best thing that comes to our mind when we talk about it, we should know that 70 years of peace are a great aim, and that was possible because of all the stupid, dumbest and craziest womens and men that decided to give their life for their country. We should thank them, every single day, and realize that we can have what we have, because of our grandads. We should care more about what we have and make ourselves proud every day, without forgetting these heroes.