Hello beautiful people,
my name is Christine and I'm turning 20 in December. I live in Greece and I study Biology.
The last two years of my life, many things have changed. I changed. A lot. And if I want to be honest, Im not very glad about that. I used to be a powerful girl, have goals and dreams and I was one of the most optimistic and smily people, that you have ever met. Today, I'm still powerful, but less than I used to, I still have some goals, but I don't really believe that I can achieve them and I'm not that girl who brought joy and happiness to everyone she met. As you can imagine, I really want to bring that girl, I was proud of, back.
One of the things I loved to do was writing, not something big or special, but I expressed my thoughts and experiences, in my kind of way. So, I was thinking to start over, and do something that I've never done before, like writing in public and WE♥it gave me the perfect opportunity to do that. I hope that this will be the start of a new chapter of my life and help me be the person I want to be.
Thank you for your time, and remember to smile and have faith!♥
PS: I'm so sorry for any grammar or syntax mistakes, I havent practised my english for ages.
Kiss you all