Even our skin reacts to changes in the period, but how can we adapt our skin care routine? It's easier than you think!

1st day

The first day is the worst of all: your skin is more fragile, less elastic, more sensible and it may be covered by pimples and acne . It's normal because of prostaglandins, but a good remedy are emollient products: from masks to cream, avocado bases products are the best with this feature.

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from 2nd to 7th day

In those days your skin may be super dry, because your organism is less likely to keep yourself well hydrated (thanks to the influence of the low level of estrogens ) . Apart from drinking water, obviously, make moisturizing masks .

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from 8th to 12th day

Estrogens are increasing: your skin is more moisturized and soft, yet more shiny. It's a pity that some girls may have iron deficiency which means more marked dark circles , but don't worry. You can improve them by doing hot packs with tea bags in the morning.

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from 13th to 17th day

This is the ovulation period, which means you are "naturally beautiful". BUT if you have oily skin , the problem may be accentuated because of an excessive sebum production. No panic! Just make a clay mask and use powder in case of excessive "brightness".

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from 18th to 24th day

Progesterone and testosterone are increasing which means that the sebum production is increasing as well as pores obstruction. In most cases this leads to the appearance of little pimples: you can prevent them by doing more purifying masks than before.

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from 25th to 28th day

Serotonin , the hormone of happiness, is now decreasing: you are feeling a little bit sad, less dynamics and in a bad mood (premenstrual syndrome). You are bloating like a balloon too, because of water retention. So, this is the right moment for an hot bath with essential oils and then an herb tea with dandelion and fennel .

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