We are alone in our favorite dark corner.
Hades has his back against the wall and I'm nestled in the middle of his legs, with my back against his chest I could feel the beating of his heart, his breath tickled my ear, I linked our hands, I waited for him to squeeze mine back. Did not happend. I closed my eyes, sighed, and opened them again, I got up slowly and stretched out my hand to help him rise, in vain.
He looked at me and said I'M GOING TO STAY HERE, then looked down again, rested his head on his hands and I realized.
I turned my back on him and walked away. I left, for good.

The end...

A cute boy got into me while I waited for a friend, who, as always, was late for our meeting. We changed phone numbers and for some weeks we exchanged text messages.
One day I came to the conclusion that we were starting a virtual relationship, we were not physically together, but we spent days and most of the nights talking. Initially by texts, but soon we started to speak by phone call.
We already knew each other well, so I suggested a date. How had this idea never crossed my mind? Or his?
He accepted my invitation to coffee where we had met.
We did not live far from each other, so we went out again, something that became a routine. We replaced virtual conversations with face-to-face conversations.
A few weeks later, when I returned home from our meeting, I closed myself in the room, with the most stupid smile ever on my face, I lay down on the bed repeating our first kiss in my mind, the first of many. I tried to calm the butterflies around me, but it was not possible for some time.
However something changed, I tried to understand what, but I could not, so I asked him directly if there was anything wrong, but he always told me that everything was okay, nothing was wrong. I never fully believed that answer.
I began to question why I felt what I felt for him, what he said, what he did, what he have for me to feel so lost so quickly.
After several (and failed) attempts to understand his emotional distance, I gave up.
I conclude that Hades is really like that, do not they say it's over time that we really get to know people?
Despite his bad temper and slight coldness, I felt good when we were together, which also became less frequent.
Little things like going to the movies, became rare, my invitations to travel or simply go to the cafe on the corner were constantly rejected. Our intimacy became non-existent.
In the middle of a lunch, I suggested that we go for a walk, which ended in a corner of the public garden of the city, our dark corner.
In the beginning it was where we hid from the world.
Who would say that the beginning and the end could take place in the same place.