First this I did not write it, but I saw it in a web site and I drew it. It may be very long and demotivate to read it by extension, but I recommend it too.
I grew up with a stroller stuck to the palms of my hands, a little kitchen, my dolls and my devotion to the Disney princesses. Who would not want to be one of them? If they had beautiful hair, enviable dresses, they were beautiful, sweet, sang like angels and of course they had him, a blue prince, that unconditional love that would save us at some point in our life.
You grow and change the cart by the camera, the dolls by the eyeliner and you get to wear dresses and heels enviable, you almost look like a princess, you just need to go for the prince. You must continually renew the wardrobe, because your image is the most important of you, always smiling, affectionate and detailed, with immense desire that someday they will look at you and make you happy, because love can do everything and love for All life exists, but it depends on them and if you have the perfect body, if you dress appropriate to their tastes and if of course have a good image of you.
Prohibited to be excessively thin and try to never lose weight, forget if you are short of going without heels and if you are high leave them in your house, because you will never notice you a shorter boy than you, nor the one that is at your height, How beautiful it is to go above you. Do not be extroverted, not sure of yourself, do not want to look like a flood, but leave aside your shyness that with it none will approach you.
Always give them thanks, no matter how they offend you, you may seem rude but do not do it, but do not overdo it because it may seem that you are fooling with them. If you say a compliment on the street, smile, become shy, as if it were the greatest compliment in the world, no matter what they say, they have noticed you and that's what matters. But do not even think of throwing a compliment. What's up? Do you want to look like a loose one? Beware of the latter, if you have a reputation for that, you no longer have the right to fall in love in life, nor are you a person to be respected. Choose your clothes well, if you are very covered will not notice you in never, but if you lack clothes (according to your criteria) have the right to do with you what they want, because you are provoking, do not ask for respect, you are asking for Screams to touch you or tell you something. And forget that you like someone of the same sex, for them you have stopped being a woman, you have to be in your market to treat you as such.
And so every day, so every year of my life. Until I started to know other exits and made me love like never before, because it made me love me, and love like I had never loved the people around me. I heard him for the first time and it seemed to me a continuous madness, it made me open my eyes to the great lie I was living, with great blows, that every time they ached more. It was the antidote I needed to wake up, I had many nice things inside me but I just needed to get them out.
When I began to wake up from the lie I lived, I realized many things; One of them was that I had my whole life marked by stereotypes of beauty, by insecurities, life where I had been made to choose my favorite color, that I had said I needed a man to be happy and that my main objective was to become a great mother of family.
It was so much the curiosity that gave me, that I began to read books and look for articles. The news no longer listened to them in the same way and began to be born in me another person. My insecurities were gone, I no longer had complexes, because when I started to look nice inside, I forgot what was on the outside.
And I began to undertake my inner struggle and little by little to transmit it, because this true love for the same, for the women, had to know the people closest to me.
But how difficult it is to escape from all that society imposes on you! How hard it is to have a continuous struggle to defend your rights and that of so many women who can not speak and are still the shadow of their parents, husbands and children. An incessant countercurrent campaign for wanting to spread the truth to your environment, but to be able to continue learning, because we do not yet know half of the reality in which we live. A struggle that does not stop, a fight little valued, a struggle that still for many people remains invisible and a struggle that for me has just begun.
The time has come to take over the relay of so many women who have fought for my rights and now has to continue reproducing and spreading the desire to fight the people around us. We were born in a world that was not made for us, a world where we are the weak sex, a world where men own and lord, but thanks to the feminist struggle, more men leave their privileges to join Our struggle, to help us build our space, to fight for our rights, for equality, for justice for being people. Stop educating your daughters to be princesses, they are sending them to war with a magic wand.
We were born in another time and the people who have educated us, despite doing it with the greatest illusion, sacrifice and great results, forgot to not differentiate us in our education by belonging to one genre or another, yet we must thank , And in my case I thank those two great people in charge of my education, I have instilled great values, but I started taking a road and I had to change course. Mom, Dad: I do not want to be a princess anymore.