You're scrolling through Tumblr, all of a sudden you see a picture you want to post on We Heart It, but then you read the caption for the image, if course, it says, "Don't delete the credit!".
Why do people do this, though? Sometimes the images aren't even theirs!
It's not fair because sometimes those exact people take others images and post them on other Social Media websites, so why would they have the right to do what they do? Plus, sometimes people are innocently reported just because they posted the image which was captioned, "Don't delete the credit!" and if you're using Chroome and you search up anything related with Tumblr, there will at least be one image captioned, "Don't delete the credit!" and most people can't see what images are captioned as from Chroome, only from the original website.
Also, the image shouldn't be on the internet in the first place if you don't people re-posting your stuff, it's due to happen.

So next time why don't you think a bit before adding the caption, "Don't delete the credit!"