so, in the midst of article ideas, this came up.
To all my music lovers, let's hope we share the same taste because I'd like to share some of the songs I'm listening to.
note: these aren't my favs, just random songs that I think people will enjoy

in no particular order, let's GOOO

Ruelle - War of Hearts
— I love the ambience in this song and ever since I heard it on the tv series shadowhunters I've been in love with it (it played during #malec's first kiss, yes I died and I think everyone who's watched it got extremely shook too)

"I can’t help but want oceans to part / Cause I’m overcome in this war of hearts"

FLETCHER - Princess
— One of those songs that could get you back on your feet if you feel down

"so princess hold your head high / don't let your crown fall"

Grace VanderWall - Moonlight
— She's so young and has such a powerful voice, and the song is amazing

"The light from your eyes made it feel like We were dancing in the moonlight"

and done!
Hope you liked them :)
If I write another one of these it will be with fewer words but the songs will be put together based on a mood/feeling

To whoever reads this, thank you, and why just why