Each of us is absorbed by the eyes of the other. Drawn towards each other by the mere contact of our eyes. Nothing else exists but the endless green depths of his eyes. Nothing else but the world behind it.
Everything else begins to vanish in a whirl of blurred colours. Like in a tunnel, the only focused thing is in front of me.

My heart is racing in my chest, making my breath come fast and heavy. It is as if my heart was replaced by a bird. A bird, which wants to break free and fly towards him. Is this how love feels like? This longing of the heart to give itself away, to beat for somebody else. This feeling as if the chest is widening, but yet never enough. The heart wants to break free from the prison of my chest, but at the same time, it wants to capture you, take you into my chest. Not as a prisoner. Not in order to restrict you, but to love you. To truly love you.

This is why most people on the street avoid eye contact. It is a very dangerous thing. Even when you're not in love with the other person. It makes you feel something. It makes you feel a connection. A connection where we receive something, but also reveal a tiny little bit of our true selves.
When eyes meet, when they contact, worlds can change. And that scares us. So we avoid every eye contact, instead looking at our phones. Wanting to wander on earth untouched, and yet craving emotions, craving love.

Eye contact is a dangerous, dangerous thing. But sweet, oh so sweet. His eyes tell me so much more than he could ever express in words. I see his love, his fears, his pain, his self. And he sees mine. And this is love. To not be afraid to reveal ourselves and to make ourselves vulnerable.

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