BTS, also known as Beyond The Scene, Bulletproof Boy Scouts, or Bangtan Boys, is a South Korean boy band that includes 7 members, and was formed by BigHit Entertainment.

This article (my first ever) will show you the stages of becoming a part of the BTS fandom from my viewpoint.

Now, I might be fairly new to this fandom. I've been a part of this kind and caring family for about only two months, yet other ARMYs have welcomed me so warmly that I understand so much about BTS now.

Even though I'm not an old ARMY, I still know about the BTS inside jokes, their albums, theories, memes, social medias, and much more.

And now, I'll start talking about the stages of entering the fandom. For me, anyway,

Everything has a beginning. My love for these seven boys and their music had one, too. If I remember correctly, I was in 8th grade, and my best friend's wallpaper was BTS-centered. I asked her who they were, saw either the Dope or BST MV afterwards, and fell in love at first glance.

After witnessing the perfection that is BTS, I immediately searched them up on YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, and of course, Google. I don't remember much of what went on in this stage, but overall, I was just getting to know the basics of BTS.

Stage three is the stage in which a fangirl/fanboy/fanatic part grows inside your soul. I picked my bias in this stage. For the first few days, it was the golden maknae, Kookie! However, I quickly changed it to Yoongi because he's smol/king of savagery and I love him. If I hadn't already, many basic BTS songs were memorized by my brain at this point.

Okay, by now I was probably very deep into the fandom. Knew most/all the songs, jokes, and whatnot. I was fangirling 24/7 to my non-BTS-fan friends. I WANTED MORE.

Fully immersed into BTS now. I anticipate every single post, update, you name it. I spend my life making fanfictions, watching them, scrolling through ARMY Amino, screaming their songs very loudly, and supporting BTS in any way I can.

So that seems like it's about it! Sorry if this post was extremely long. I didn't really know it'd be like this. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed! Feel free to pm me so we can be friends + go crazy together.

Now I'm off to make more posts! Have a great day/night.