Hello Heaters !! welcome to my first article on WHI. I absolutely adore this new feature and feel like its going to help loads of people express themselves on the website. so a big thank you to WHI.

I wanted to write this blog specifically to raise awareness on self care :) the reality of it. Not the Tumblr cutesy side consisting of : getting piles of blankets and watching Disney movies or playing video games. Yes this may help some people but I'm sick of people romanticising mental health issues. Its a serious matter and shouldn't be romanticised.

So here are my self care tips of what to do. REALISTICALLY. ;

1. Take a bath because it's been 3 days or maybe even a week.
2. wash the dishes that have been piled in the sink since last Friday that you can smell once you walk to the kitchen or near because of the rotting food.
3. Pick up the piles of clothes off your floor and place them in to your wardrobe, maybe even wash the clothes from the dirty pile.
4. Call someone that can help encourage you into paying the bills you've been ignoring or get you to fill out forms that have been sat there.
5. And put away the crackers or biscuits you've been nibbling on, It's been 2 days you need to eat a proper meal.
6. Apologise to the people who have been worried sick about you and if you can't just let them know you're okay and need some time alone.

Self care is important and these tips need to be followed through. It is responsibility that is the biggest type of self care.