Well missing people sucks. If you're reading this i think you understand what i mean. In case if someone left - that's what i chose to write about. It's my first experience that someone i really,truly loved,left me.It wasn't a romantic relationship ( In case if you think that only gf-bf relationship things matter and losing your bestfriend or just friend is not painful) losing any person you love is painful.I think the hardest part was a goodbye.I really felt that it was going to end but the words were painful as a sharp knife.GOODBYE - is such a painful word.I remember the day,time,moment... I remember the exact words of goodbye letter.Well someone who didn't experienced this thinks that it's easy they left so fuck them. But it's not like that...You miss the memories,sweet conversations,moments,laughter that you experienced together. You miss all of the things and the most painful thing is understanding that it's over. IT'S OVER. and this one special person will never know what's happening in your life.This person won't be there when you'll achieve your goals.
missing someone is a painful and bitchy feeling and if you're reading this you understand every freakin word i say.
But that's not why i'm writing this article.
I just wanted to tell that right now i'm in pain and probably you are too.BUT IT'S NOT TEMPORARY. TIME. IT HEALS.
Sometimes even i don't believe in this words but hope for future is all i have.
You'll find new people.You will enjoy talking to them. and maybe they will go too. but that's happens and that is LIFE.
so be motivated,be happy,have hope.
There will be days you'll feel old feelings of missing someone but that's okay.
I'll use my favorite quote to end this article "Adapt. Adjust. It ends or it doesn't. We do not perish."
It ends or it doesn't
but let's hope that it ends.