Time to bandwagon and make one of those playlist articles.

This playlist be random af, like just some songs that i've been jamming to this summer!!!! Hope you babes enjoy! Feel free to send me a postcard for any artcle suggestions or whatever (always here to talk).

Also the cover image is of the wonderful Harry Styles!!!

okayyyy let's start:

1) Glow Like Dat- Rich Chigga

rich chigga image
" I be on that Mac Demraco sh.t, break my heart then smoke a cig"

This guy goes hard in this song, I mean i'm not the biggest rap/hip-hop fan but man this song is amazing. All the lines, the beat, the mv is art. plus he like 17 (we almost the same age) and we're both indonesians so you know #represent.

2) Drew Barrymore- SZA

sza, beauty, and makeup image
" Why is it so hard to accept that the party's over?"

So I've listened to the whole album, and it's a masterpiece, but this song gets me every time. The chorus hits so hard, her vocals are truly stunning. Gorgeous song, much love to SZA for this one.

3) Seventeen- Peach Pit

peach image
" I'm seventeen, don't hold your breath"

Feel good song, and the song i'm going to dancing to all day when I turn 17 in a few months lol. Just a song to really groove to. Not to mention this band is so quirky and funny, and really interact with their fans so please check them out on the youtube, and other socials ya know the drill. I also could not find a pic of them so this will have to do.

4) Boredom- Tyler The Creator

tyler the creator, flower boy, and bee image
"Find some time to do something"

What can I say, this song has such a good beat and good lyrics. Head banger truly. I also know that I said I wasn't the biggest rap/hip hop fan, but as you can see i'm starting to get a lil more into it.

4) Watch- Billie Eilish

billie eilish and singer image
"Go ahead and watch my heart burn"

I've been a fan of Billie for like only 2 months and i'm so glad I found her. She has an amazing voice, with amazing lyrics. Every song is different but so good. She's one of the most creative gals i've seen in a while, she creates her own image wit her music, fashion, visuals etc. all her songs on this EP are bangers, go listen if you have not.

5) Dead- Madison beer

cantante, music, and singer image
"If you say you can't live without me, then why aren't you dead yet?"

This girl is gorgeous I cannot comprehend. But Ya this song is banger, very easy listen, makes you mad at your ex (even if you don't have one, you still mad). Fun song to sing out loud to, you go Mads.

6) On Melancholy Hill- The Gorillaz

gorillaz, typo, and typography image barco, noodles, and oh melancholy hill image gorillaz noodle image gorillaz, Lyrics, and song lyrics image
"Cause you are my medicine when you're close to me, when you're close to me."

While listening to some of their new tracks, decided to revisit a few old ones. One of my favourites, 2-D's voice always gets me. This song is amazing in terms of lyrics, how well its produced, and the overall flow of it. A pretty chill drive-by kind of song, must listen if you haven't.

7) New Rules- Dua Lipa

dua lipa, Queen, and dualipa image
" But my love, he doesn't love me so I tell myself, I tell myself.."

What a talented woman, amazing song, amazing video. Such a catchy fun tune, and she really is a talented artist her other songs are just as great. Speaking of the video, it was creatively filmed, and honestly a fun video to watch (and seems like a fun vid to film).

8) Malibu 1992- COIN

city, sunset, and palms image
"I did it again, I must still want you"

This album is artwork, it really is. If you guys are into indie, almost throwback like 60s vibe this is the song for you. All the lyrics, the composition of this song just sets me into this mood I can't even explain. Amazing song and an amazing band. I also could not find a pic so sorry y'all.

9) Hurts So Good- Astrid S

skam, herman, and astrid s image
"Would you hold me, like we're running a yellow light?"

A really good pop song. Discovered this song through a Johnlock edit (lmao i am trash for BBC Sherlock) but the song really is good. Great lyrics, great tune, a nice song to sing along to on a summers day (or any day). Plus this pic with Herman i'm gone, I love them.

10) Melodrama- Lorde

️lorde and beauty image
"Oh how fast the evening passes, cleaning out the champagne glasses" - Sober II (Melodrama)

Okay I know y'all this is her album but I couldn't just pick one song honestly. So this album ripped me into 2 then stitched me back together, left me speechless. Every song, every beat, every lyric got me shaken to the core. Words cannot explain how much I love this album, a true masterpiece.

Thanks for reading these you guys, makes my day.

Stay Fresh Kids

Love, Ash