I am sure you are guessing, if there is some pun intended! But nope, not this time…

I strongly suggest never go out looking for happiness…. meaning do not do something thinking it might or shall give you happiness.

And Why So?

1. The primary reason is expectancy. Problems that we people have are majorly because of expectations. We believe in something and think and associate expectations. But if things do not pan out the way they are, frustration , anger and depression seeps in.

2. Also, there is reverse psychology to it. If you do something to gain happiness, what it tell about you. It means your brain is trying to tell your that you are not happy in the current state. And I am pretty sure no one wants to know that.

3. A third reason to this is your mind subconsciously attaches itself to anything close. It could be an activity, a cause, a person, a place. And things are not constant. So where there is a shift, the mind has its own battles.

4. Also, the second you go out in pursuit of happiness, you become vulnerable. Vulnerable to anything because all your emotions are out in the open.

So how do you find Happiness?

It is simple.

And there is no code for it.

There is no shortcut to it.

And there is no sure shot formula to it.

Every one has their own happy triggers, one has to understand that better and be aware of them more. In simple words, try out new things and understand what you like and what you do not enjoy. You will find your happiness.

If you have more questions on this, email me on bhavanaduttofficial@gmail.com and I can talk to you there.

Love & Happiness,

Bhavana 🙂