A few months ago, my life changed completely. Maybe because this year was the hardest of my entire life and I came out stronger, maybe because I met a lot of wonderful people that helped me get through it all and taught me a lot of important lessons. All I know for sure is that I've changed. And this time, this change was good. Here is something that I wrote the day that I decided to fix my life.

"From now on, I choose to be happy. From now on, I'll stop complaining and start enjoying. Every step, every breath, every smile. From now on, I'm accepting others' opinions. From now on, I'll treasure the beauty of everything, the kindness, the wisdom and the peace around me. From now on, I'll not cry over meaningless stuff. I'll supress every shadow of anger and envy that is living in my soul, I'll listen, understand, help, accept, appreciate, learn, care, say the truth. I'll appreciate what I already am, but also what I can be. From now on, I'll fight for what is right, for gender equality, for justice, for acceptance, for love, for happiness. From now on, I'll live my life as I'm meant to. And this isn't a goal. It's an oath."

And now that I look back at it, there are still a lot of stuff I'd want to add, and that is good, it means I've grown and acomplished.

WHI really has a huge place in my heart because it helped me get through this year, so I want to thank you guys, not only my followers but all the amazing heartists that inspire me with their posts.
Remember that you are all beautiful and wonderful and strong, that you can do whatever you want, remeber to embrace change and development because that's how we become the best versions of ourselves<3

Embrace the chaos.
M. "Black Flamingo"