Hi huns!!! This is my first article so I’m kind of nervous, but I hope your reads get me through it and that I could express my different layers with you. I’ll stop talking about myself and get to why you are here. One part of my personality is Korean culture. I absolutely love their music, food, dramas, etc. K-pop is one of my all-time favorite music genre and I just wanted to share my fav k-pop songs throughout this gorgeous summer that is suddenly fading away. I hope you like it!!

10~ And July - Heize ft Dean & DJ Frizz

I consider this such a chill, smooth but edgy song. With Dean’s R&B feels and Heize’s cool raps ( and DJ Frizz beats ), this song is perfect for a summer day with the bright sun shinning outside. A cold drink and this song go perfectly together for a hot summer day.

9~ Hola Hola - K.A.R.D

KARD is one of new favorite k-pop groups with their awesome vibes. This song is so beachy and flowy that makes anyone dance to it. I’m also congratulating them on their debut ( FINALLY OMG )!!!! “Hola Hola” makes you feel you’re in summer all year long.

8~ Why Don’t You Know - Chung Ha

First of all I want to say: CHUNG HA, I LOVE U. Now, this debut song has a very catchy chorus and an awesome beat to it. Also, the dance is so fun to learn. From the mv to the vocals, this song has SUMMER written all over it.

7~ Holiday - Girls’ Generation

GG comes in with an all new summer song that is completely colorful and fun. This song is going to make you sing along to every lyric ( even though you don’t know korean ). I first underrated this song but I learned to love it and know I sing all the time.

6~ As If It’s Your Last - Black Pink

After a 5-6 months break, Black Pink comes up with this super catchy song. The song itself is a little bit different for Black Pink’s style, but they nailed it anyways. Blasting this song in the radio while driving will give you the full summer experience you’ve been wanting.

5~ Ko Ko Bop - EXO

This song NEEDED to be part of my top 5 because it has this EXO feel that we can’t get away from. You’ll fall in love with this mix of modern music and reggae music. It is totally a must for the summer!!

4~ What Can I Do - Day6

I’m just going to say, this song is EVERYTHING. The lyrics, the mv, EVERYTHING. I’m personally not a fan of Day6, but this song is just…. ahhhhh. It’s not exactly a “summer song” but it came out in summer so basically it is. I totally feel in love at first hear.

3~ Happy - Cosmic Girl

Well… This song… Compared to my others, this is not my type of k-pop exactly, but it just squeezes in your head so hard. I’ve heard this song more than a thousand times over this summer ( not even kidding ) because it just makes you happy. A really bubbly feel never misses the summer.

2~ Energetic - Wanna One

OMG Wanna One… Wanna freaking ONE!!! I’m just a sucker for them because I watched Produce 101 Season 2 so I really like them. But the song itself is actually catchy and summery enough to make you feel a good mood.

1~ Red Flavor - Red Velvet

Red Flavor all over my life. LITERALLY. I think this song is the one that mostly defines my summer. Also, I’ve heard this song so much that all my family wants to kill me for making them hear it more than a trillion times. But I love this song so much and I’m proud of Red Velvet making it to my #1.

And this is how my list ends. I hope everyone can relate at lest a bit with what I said. If you want me to talk about a specific topic, please DM me. I receive all types of suggestions.

Love, 마리.