Wanna know how to be positive?

Start by doing something productive. When you are productive you feel oddly positive. So why not start the day like that?

The Morning☼
◦ Do something simple like making your bed or writing a dream you had last night.
◦ Another thing you can do is play some of your favorites songs while you are getting ready in the morning. Playing your favorite songs helps you feel more relaxed and upbeat.
◦ Make sure you have breakfast, doesn't have to be anything big just something that will satisfy you

The Afternoon✐
◦ Most people have school during this time. Now I know school is definitely the farthest thing from being positive. Try thinking everyday one way you can make today better than yesterday. It could be something easy like complimenting someone. Maybe it could be finishing your work early so you don't have to do it later.
◦ Also during this time think of reasons why you should be positive and what makes you happy. These reasons will vary from person to person but just in general when was the last time you were really happy? What were you doing?

The Night☾
◦When you get home from work or school play your favorite songs again! It really is just a simple way to feel a whole lot happier even if your day was just terrible. If you still don't feel happy while listening try to just let yourself run free just start dancing to the lyrics even if your the worst dancer in the world. Hopefully nobody is watching.

◦Then when you are in the shower or just thinking to yourself reflect on everything that happened that day, the positive and the negative. Think what could make it better!
◦Lastly while you are falling asleep at night have a blank mind. I know easier said than done. Think of it as a clear canvas of what you want your future to be. Typically people want their future to be positive so think of all the ways you can get there.

I know this was very long! For any of you that actually managed to read part of it or even the whole thing I just want you to know I really appreciate it! This is my first article and I hope to write many more! ♡