I would like to share my own story of what it is like to be when you don't love yourself as you are.

Here is some background about me:
I am fifteen, I live in Finland and as you probably already noticed, but I'm not good at English, but still I will try to tell you all this in English :)

So... a few years ago I got a lot of comments about my appearance, and school did't go well, anyway. Gradually, the comments and the words that they said, they were stuck in my head and that was the worst thing that could happen in that situation.
I cried when I was going to sleep and thought "why this all shit come to me?" It also started to eat me from inside and I was hating myself and I could't look at the mirror, but still I smiled every day at school and I told everyone that everything was fine... and in the aftermath, it was not sensible

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Life is not fair and it will be surprises full.
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This summer I found great, unique and memorable friends who showed me how important it is to love yourself. Friends are everything if you find the right ones who stay on your side even in a bad days and want to know how are you doing.
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What you have to remember always and forever, was you beaten, haunted or said that you are not beautiful, and no longer believe that someone loves and cares about you. You have to believe that you are strong and beautiful and smart. And every word what they say or every punch that hits you will only strengthen you
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Love and be a good one for someone else, so sometimes it will come back to you.

It was my story and hopefully you could read it.

- Lisbetti xx