1.Wearing white, will give you a youthful, pure, innocent appearance.
Wearing white mid dresses, and skirts will give you pure, and conservative look to you.

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Make sure when you wear a white mid dress or skirt, don't over due it tbh.

2.White shirt dresses

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3.Mid skirts

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4.Turtle necks

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This will give a smart, and intelligent look if you par this with mid or short skirts(Not to short), or with high waisted skinny jeans though.

5. Tight wrapped(Not to tight) Feminine dresses

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6. White or floral blouses

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Blouse with jeans is the most simple, and modest look, goes for mid skirts as well tbh.

7.Jeans, and simple shirt

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8 To complete it all

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Natural beauty will complete this look or a bold red lipstick.

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Put some natural tints, eye shadow on, and make sure it suits your skin tone or shade.

Hope you like these smooth, and modest outfits for school, going to the market etc and everyday things tbh.