Hello everyone,Kawaii-chan here!!!First of all,I published an article entitled "A little about me" yesterday and I want to say a big thanks to the people that hearted it(。♥‿♥。)
So,moving to today's issue I would like to offer some WHI Tips to newcomers and/or people who just want some help°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
Therefore,without any further delay,let's see these tips!!!!!

How to become more noticeable/get more followers

  • Just be yourself.That's what I did.Nobody can see you and nobody can judge you here.You can heart whatever makes you feel inspired,happy etc.If you ask me this is the most important tip you should follow.Followers and likes come and go,after all...
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Remind yourself,that you are doing this for yourself,for you to feel good.There is no point in doing this for followers or likes.As I mentioned above,followers and likes come and go...

  • A less philosophical tip,if you like,is to classify your pictures in collections.If you ask me,as a heartist and hearter,I prefer profiles that are organized.However,this is my opinion,you should not stick to it,if you disagree.An example of a collection is the following:

Now that I mentioned collections,I believe it would be good to have an average number of pictures in them.Not too little,not too much so as the hearter does not grow tired of it.However,again,this is my opinion and if you have passion about something you should go ahead and heart all the pictures you like(to be honest,that's what I do).

  • Another tip I find useful is to communicate with your followers.Build a relationship of trust with them.Ask them what do they like most about your profile,if they want something to be improved,heart their pictures.In other words,interact with them!
  • Be active whether it is to heart pictures or upload pictures.It is good for your followers to see that you want to keep fresh your profile,maybe gain some more and/or meet new people!!
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  • Make yourself noticeable in other social platforms as well.For example,you can place a link to your We Heart It in Instagram or share it in a group in Facebook!!
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I do not know if these tips were of any help but I hope that they were that bad(ง ◕ั⌑◕ั)ว ⁾
No matter how I see it,however,the most important of all is to be you.Never forget that,okay??
Now,take the kiss you deserve...(。・ω・。)ノ♡