It´s been awhile since I felt like this. For the past few weeks I have been happy. Everything has been perfect and for a moment I forgot about all my problems. Then yesterday everything came back all at once.

Yesterday school started for me here in Sweden and the guy who I been seeing on and off for the past 6 months said some stuff that made me cry for the first time in forever. He said that I was a "cold" and that I had no feelings for other people’s feelings. That hurt me bad because I care so much for the people around me and I would do anything for him and my other friends.

One more thing that happened last night was that i found out that my grandma has cancer. She is more like a mother to me then my mother herself. I have been living at my grandma’s house since I was 4 and just the thought of losing her makes me want to cry. I don´t want to lose her. She is the only family I have and my best friend and I don´t know what I would do without her.