Have you ever heard that expression "When life gives you...(something)...". Well my favorite one, you may or may not have heard before, goes like "When life gives you lemons squeeze them in people's eyes"

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Have you ever thought what it might really mean? (if not do it now, you have 30 seconds) Yes you have, well done. Now back to what I wanted to say.
That expression, so as others you may know, can have different meanings. Or at least that's how I see it.

I'm 90% sure that when you first heard it you thought that it might mean to metaphorically squeeze them to someone's eyes. What do I mean with the word metaphorically? I mean that if someone is giving you a hard time or even you don't particularly like them then just go get a some kind of payback you might say?.
Am I wrong or right? Either way, that's what I thought when I first heard that expression.
(I don't think that anyone might've thought it as literally squeeze lemons to a pair of eyes, but if you did I like you already 'cause you have humor -kind of- or maybe you're just crazy)

Anyway, 1st meaning might be;

  • 'I don't like you, get lost.'

If you think (deeply) about it more than once you might know that it can have another meaning. What that might be?

  • ........... you name it

Lemons (referred to successes) are given to you not to just make jealous the others for having more or feeling bad about your self for having less. They are given to you as chances to do something great, and if you fail it's fine really. Everyone fails at some point because we humans are born to have flaws and being imperfect.

Just show to those 6.9 billion people out there who you really are and that you don't really care how they talk/feel about you because when you look back the one that has always been there for you and cared for you and really loved you and will keep doing that until the very end, is and is going to be. It's YOU. It has always been you.
And you have to be happy for being who you are and achieving the best you can because you really gave 100% of yourself into it and tried really hard for it.

Do not do something just to make others feel jealous of you. (even though I don't want to lie to myself or anyone it feels reeeeaaaaaally good but still).
Do it because you want to. Because you really love doing it.

Don't be afraid to try. No matter how hard it can get, keep going.

At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair should be messy and your eyes sparkling.

p.s. I'm sorry for getting kind of off the topic and the article doesn't respond to your expectations but for me, it was worth writing it. But with time I'll get better.

Yours sincerely.