It's the most beautiful and the most painful feeling I know.
Sometimes I get so overwhelmed, that my eyes turn wet and the world around me is getting blurry. The street lights are guiding me home, as I stumble through the dark.

Temporarily removed

You'll often catch me staring out of the window, during a train ride, thinking about everything I've said and done in the past. Daydreaming about old memories. Imagining how things could've turned out. Friends I've lost along the way.

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Change your mind

Being a nostalgic person, it's often very difficult to stay positive. Especially when life's not going very well lately.
But if you get sad, please, remember that nostalgia is a big fucking liar.

We only remember the good things and aren't aware of everything that made us feel bad back in the day. We have to keep looking forward.

Let it go

The problem is, if we romanticize the past, we'll never be able to let go.
We have to go with the flow of time. It's great to remind yourself of old times and look at old photographs, but at the end of the day you have to come back to reality, to the present. Here and now.

I promise you, there are better times ahead of you, that you can't even image. What's gone is gone but your future is waiting right in front of you. Even if you're scared, keep on moving, keep on fighting. You will grow so much and you'll gain so much knowledge.

Let go

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