What am i supposed to do now? I fell in love, i tried, i failed and cry my heart out. So, what am i supposed to do now? Some people say that if it's true love, i should fight for ir, but my heart it's already broken. Other people simply say 'go find another one' but i do not want my heart to brake even more.
I know that i eventually fall in love with someone, but what do i do while waiting, because it's not that i am waiting for the doctor in the waiting room, i am living, i am everywhere waiting for something that will surely arrive in a very, very long time from now.
I asked that to an old lady who was sitting next to me at the park, i told her everything even though i don't even know her name. Do you want to know what she answered? Nothing, she just stayed there, looking. Then someone touch my shoulder and when i turned around, crying, i saw a little girl and she said 'love yourself' and went running to the slide.