What is love?
Love is a feeling you get until someone comes along and gives it a true meaning. It is a warmth of affection towards a person who means everything to you. The person who reminds you of home. The person who will protect you and have honesty. Love is not forgetting someone after a breakup or divorce and continually thinking of them and what they may be doing with their lives now. It is also worrying about them and their decisions, how they may handle things. Their health will always be important to you because you can not imagine a world without them. Sometimes there is no shortcut to forgetting your past, you just have to endure missing them everyday until that feeling goes away. I hope I cross your mind once in a while so that I won’t feel pathetic for thinking of you most of the time. I don’t necessarily tell you these feelings because I am scared of what you may think or what your response would be. To put it in simple words I will just say I hope you are doing well, I miss you and all the history we had. Seeing you brought back a lot especially hugging you goodbye while you left. My mind still repeats things that you said to me. Maybe that’s why I keep positive now because I have hope for things. I know you may not but I sure do hope you will still be in my future and not gone. I hope your future is bright and you will be happy. You deserve so much. Thank you for our time we had. I will always remember when I was introduced to the meaning of love, thanks to you.

With admiration,
Your past.