Hello everyone! Hope you´re having an amazing day. Today I´m going to talk about a book I recently read.
I´m going to write a review without spoilers.

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Holding Up The Universe by Jennifer Niven

In this book we have two principal characters: Libby Strout and Jack Masselin. Both of them are special people for several reasons (including secrets).

Our story begins with a new school year, Libby going back to a normal school after several years of homeschool. She goes to the Martin Van Burren High School to Junior Year, where Jack is about to start Senior Year. They don´t know each other (or that´s what they think), until they are both involved in a cruel bullying situation.

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After that, they start a hate-sympathy friendship full of adventures.
  • Libby is such an amazing and confident girl. She´s optimistic, humoristic, creative and excellent at dancing.
  • Jack is intelligent, nervous but confident, noble, handosme (of course) and very good at robotics.

This story talks about important topics like family, bullying, friendship, sexuality, but most important, self love. It makes us learn how important it is to know people beyond how the look like, more especially about the details that make someone be that person.

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You should read it because it will make you laugh, cry, see life from another perspective, learn about different topics (even medicine), show you new music and give you the courage to follow your dreams.

The author, Jennifer Niven, struggled in the past with height and bullying, so this book is actually a personal experience that will touch your heart and will change your way to see bullying, self love and teenage love.

It´s such a powerful book that actually can change someone´s life. It changed mine. Even though, I would recommend it for readers older than 14 years old.

I rate it Five of five stars

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Visit Jennifer Niven´s site: http://www.jenniferniven.com/

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