What is holding us back?

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Fear. Fear to be exposed. Fear to be laughed at. Fear to be different, to be weird. Fear to be rejected. So we keep our true selves hidden. Without even noticing we create an image of ourselves - we create a personality. And this image remains in our minds. This is who we are. Starting over, beginning again, changing - all this is said to be impossible.
But why do we have this fixed image of ourselves? Why can change not be easy? Why are we so afraid to do something, which is "out of character"?

It is this fixed image of ourselves, which is in our way to change. Meant to protect us, it prevents any progress. Because we are so focused on adjusting to this image, so focused on selling this image to others, that we end up being afraid of being something else. What might the people think...

But what if we weren't afraid?

We'd be the first dancing freely on the dance floor. We'd be able to freely begin again, over and over again. We wouldn't be afraid to be somebody else from one day to another, because there is no fixed image, no fixed personality. We'd be travelling the world. We'd do new things every day.
We'd be living!

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