Am I going to tell you that I have bulimia, anorexia or binge-eating disorder? No, because I don't.

Some humans are genetically prone to be overweight and some to be naturally skinny. I was born to an obese father and an anorexic mother (whom now has become over-weight, ironically).

From the age of about 3 I was a heavy child. Rolls, upon rolls, upon rolls. Thanks parents.

I had periods of my life where I was up and down the scale, the lowest I've been for my age was when I was 7, I was at the ideal weight for a 7 y/o.

Then my weight increased, again.

I'd like to express that my weight never truly bothered me until I got to be 12. Then the name calling and dirty looks began. For a full year I was open to all the verbal abuse, which was probably always happening but I never realised.

I recall once I went into my mother's room and she said "your legs are looking a bit big" then another "I was in your room last night and me and Christopher [My brother] were worried as it looked like you couldn't breathe because of the fat on your neck".

I guess the harsh truth woke me up.
I went on to look the best I've looked at age 13.

Though that was when it truly went down hill.

I became so obsessed with my weight I started to order dangerous diet pills online, and cutting my calories to about 300 a day, though that eventually subsided and I was eating 1,000 a day, still under the recommended.

I had a very sedentary lifestyle, I don't think I left my room. So a couple hundred calories seemed only fitting.

The diet pills were a big mistake as I couldn't sleep for days with the massive amount of caffeine and green tea in each capsule, then the jitters, shaking and major chest pains.

Though, you'd think I would have learned my lesson, no - I still use them, I started up again about a month ago.

My weight since age 13 hasn't moved from the end of the healthy range on the BMI chart. I am thankful I am well proportioned but I am small in height (5'4), which makes things slightly more difficult.

I am now a student in university studying criminal psychology and forensic sciences, though with all that's going on in my life my weight still manages to be my number 1 thought and priority, every. single. day. since I was 12 for 10 years straight, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down.

All I'm trying to say here is if all you young kids out there who are 12, 13, 14 whom have similar problems as I once did then, please, speak to someone who will help you. If you keep it to yourself you may always be stuck in that same endless cycle. If you want to break that you need to start now.

It will ruin you mentally more than anything.

Don't leave it sizzling some day it will boil over. Talk to someone.

Peace x