I think its pretty obvious i am not the only one who loves this new idea of articles, they gives us the oportunity to inspire through words and photos, now we can put our thoughts in a article and share them with the comunity. it is beautiful see others souls through a page and a couple of cute photos. Thats the power of art and also the power of our little WHI comunity.

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Part of the magic of this platform is that it is not a continuous "copy and paste", everyone has a different blog because we are all different and we have different things that inspire us, I like to see every blog and every collection as a small passage to The soul of that person. With WHI we can share our moments and thoughts happy and not so happy, we can be all the "disaster" we want and they will not judge us.

art, paint, and painting image

I think it's obvious that I like the new implementation they did ... from now on and in a few days, you will see new things here, I hope you like it.

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