Hello guys,anime always been a part of me since the first day when i discovered them.Frst anime i saw was at the age of 7 and now i'm almost 19 and i literally grew up with them.In this list i want to share with you some of my favourties.

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5.Death note.It looked scary at first and i'm not talking about Ryuk's appearance.The story it's psychological and deep.
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4.Kaleido star.I remember trying to draw them as a child because i was so fascinated about their design.An amazing and colorful story with a good lesson.
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3.Bleach. This anime is everything.I watched it in 2 weeks.I was so obsessed when i found it.
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2.Nana.Man...this anime marked me.It has showed me how people truly are and made me understand life better.

Aaaand the numer 1 is...

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Naruto.If you haven't seen it you must.Teached me so many meaningful lessons.The characters went straight to my heart and i cried a lot when it ended. Uzumaki Naruto you will always have a special place in my heart and i'm proud of you for becoming Hokage.