It's August and in a few days we will go to school and some of you, you already go to school. You know,wake up early to get dress for your scholl and in the end you go to school, you get in the classroom and... after start the lesson you are realy happy right ??? xaxaxaxa Of course not you are not happy, you aren't even think anything else than your lunch or where you and your best friend go and what to do...in one word you bored that is annoying to you and your teacher. Think about it a teacher stand up ahead of all this bored teenagers sorry but for me would be a really bad nightmare omg...how the hell they survived ???
Yes I know that you don't care I don't care either but think about what will be happen if your teacher saying something like:<< AAAA GUYS WAKE UP YOU CANN'T SLEEP like that you need a pillow !!!,if you want I have to my office and who ever go can he/she bring me one.>> Or << Hey guys who can solve this right (x+4)-(z-2) / (2-z)-(4+x) and he/she gonna win a starbucs >> Can you even imagine that...there that all the studens was borned like hell BOOM they will wake up they will look each other and of course they will solve right the math problem. But that will be never happen...Ooooo wait wait what if I be a theacher ?? :) xaxaxaxaxaxa No why I would be ever want be a teacher to look all this boring face axaxaxax of course not...I am sorry guys you will still have this boriing day with this boring faces and boring teacher because this is school and we all loved... or at list some of us xaxaxa