I really happy with your feedback on my previous articles. While waiting for the new album of our boys, I propose to you to speak of the songs of exo which are not the main ones. Many EXO songs are underrated in my opinion.

So, should we begin ? ٩(˘◡˘)۶

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When you arrive late in class and everyone observes you. AHAHAH

01. Tender Love

My close friends already Noticed and tell me to confess my feelings
When I say goodbye to you, I feel weird somehow
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I am in love with you, I wanna give you, Tender love

I personnaly really like this song because it's so catchy. The electric guitar makes you want to dance. I was glad that the SM made a video of the boys with this song. This speaks of a guy wanting to give all his love for a girl but he is afraid to confess his feelings. So cute...

02. Transformer

A girl who lit up the path of my challenge. You’re not easy, you’re a mega girl
But in the end, you control me, you’re my master, my owner
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You’re not easy, you’re a mega girl

I think this is for me. This songs deals with a girl having several personalities, almost playing with the feelings of a boy. The boy wants to understand it, even if he has trouble. Courage my boy :)

03. Cloud 9

Forget all the past sad moments, When we didn’t know each other
I wanna stay by you forever, Tell me this isn’t a dream
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This imagine has nothing to do with exo, I know. But it is fun.

To love someone and be on his little cloud, who never dreamed of it? Me. Oh no. I've already dreamed of this, with Kyungsoo, hehe. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

04. White noise

My memories go back, To when I was with you Not far away no
Your small laughter, That’s all I need to know
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Cause someone loves you babe

Really like this songs. He is calm. He had a beautiful lyric I think.

05. Forever

You could be my only star You could be the moonlight
Just like this, let’s be forever
Girl you know you got me up
Believe me, my heart is racing like crazy
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Let's make it forever

Forever is an energetic song, I really like it, more than Kokobop.

And you? What are your favorite exo songs apart from the main ones? Of course it only remains my opinion here, it still lacks songs to add in this list. I love most EXO songs, but here I wanted to put my favorites. I hope you like it ! See you soon for other articles I hope ! ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

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