What is love? This question is like a curse. Everyone asks it. Everyone and sometimes i think people should know it by now.
We are unique people. Love means different things to everyone of us.
To some it just means responsibilty. To some it means only hurt, because they´ve never learned how to love. To some it means fun. But let me tell you, love, true love is not fun. Its essencial. But how do you know ift its love?
If you ask me this question i would say: how do you know you won´t stop breathing tonight? Rigt. You don´t know really. But you trust, and you know you can´t biologically stop. Yes...i know dull answer. But for me love is like the air. Its everywhere and once you found that special wonderful person, this person is THE air for you. Sure, you are your own person, but love makes us change. So we are never the same after we met this special one. Love is like air. Everywhere ,lifes are depending on it. For example mine.Yours too?
What is love? Love is the essence of life. Without love there is no life worth living.
Trust me, i´ve been there.