All the stars shall relight
All the eyes shall open
All the fears will neigh

"Since we lose each other in order to better unite
Since we don't care about the present anymore
The merest breath destroys us
and blows us asunder with the winds"

I think we just need to relight between us
Heal us
Save each others
miracles play the unknows,
The value of jewels make their rarity.
We all need to shine,
Everybody is not "everybody",
Because everybody is "somebody".
You can be this jewel.
You must be this miracle that change peoples mind,their look, Their feelings.
Take your chance, don't love only to be loved,
love for the beauty of love,
the beauty of the light,
The beauty of be the light, who relight others.
You are a light in this world, only if you dare to be one.