the beginning of something unknown

It was Friday, September 4, 2015. My 2 brothers left to Las Vegas during labor day weekend for a gaming convention. I was left with my oldest brother and parents. My oldest brother was barely at home with us, he would be with friends or his girlfriend. It was a bit boring without my other 2 brothers. Anyways, I was getting ready for school at 7:00 am and I did not feel good. I threw up. I told my mom and she was okay with me staying home. She gave me medicine and I felt a bit better. I remember this like it was yesterday.

Then over the weekend I was bored. No brothers and just parents. My parents would always just sleep or watch a movie. On Sunday we went to church then a Mexican restaurant that I do not like. We came back home and back to sleeping and watching YouTube videos. Then it was Monday, September 7, labor day, my brothers still at Vegas. All I did was help my mom clean up the house, perks of being Mexican haha. My parents and I went to the movies that day. I don't remember what movie we watched.

Tuesday came up, it was a school day. I felt sick again. My mom got suspicious and her being Mexican, she made me attend school. I went calmly and then I threw up in class. I was sent to the clinic and my mom picked me up. She took me to the doctor and they said nothing was wrong with me. The pain in my stomach always went away when i got home. Which was weird, but when i went to school it was hell. My parents were asking me if there was anybody bullying me. I said no. They did not believe me. So this became a daily routine.

On Wednesday, the same thing happened but i did not go to the doctor and i stayed at school the whole day. I was sent to the clinic again and my mom talked to me through the office phone at school. She told me to go back to class. I did. My mom picked me up from school at the end of the day and then started to question me about what was going on. Nothing was happening to me at all. There was nobody bullying me at all. I did not keep any secrets. I am a very open person. We picked up my brothers from the airport and i was very happy. My mom talked about what was happening over the past few days. My brothers did not really care because it was not that intense. It was just 2 whole school days i missed. My dad was also suspicious.

Wednesday was probably the only day i attended the whole week. Then it was a new week. I went to school with a pain in my stomach. Monday, September 14, 2015, i talked to the counselor of the school. She questioned me as well. The questions were...

  • how are you feeling?
  • how does your stomach feel? crushed? squeezed?
  • are you on your period?
  • are you nervous?
  • is there anyone bothering you?

My answers were, sick, both, no, no, My friends well "friends", asked me if i was okay. I told them yes. Kind of the worst answer to this type of question. I don't remember what are the exact days i missed out in school. All i remember is that i barely went to school. I would always be checked out sometimes right when school started. When i attended school, i would talk to the counselor. She told me tricks on how to not get a stomach pain or headache. She said to squeeze a stress ball, draw, color, and write about how i am feeling. There were more coping skills on how to get over stress or pain. Breathing was one and so was looking at the mirror and giving yourself confidence.

I tried everything, nothing helped me. I got sad and stressed that nothing was working out. I was still happy during the afternoon though. Quick tip: do not let anything bring you down. well don't let yourself bring you down. be a bad ass.