Hey guys, it's Ella!

This is my very first article, it took me a while to decide what it should be about, but after a lot of thinking, I decided to write about something that helps me escape reality, something that I genuinely love and enjoy. After all, We Heart It is one of those things that succeeds to do so on a daily basis, but that's not what this article is about. (Thank you so much, WHI, for giving us the opportunity to write articles!)

There is not a single day that goes by without music in it. In other words, music is one of the most important things to me, I just can't imagine living without it, because I feel like everything is better with music. This is the reason that basically no one can see me outside without headphones in my ears.

My favourite genre of music would most probably be rock and alternative rock, but if I enjoy the song, it doesn't really matter, what kind of style it is, you can find literally anything on my playlist.
Choosing 5 that I enjoy the most right now is really difficult, but I still somehow managed to do it.

Here is my TOP 5 Songs:

5. A R I Z O N A - Oceans Away

Few thousand miles and an ocean away, but I see the sunrise, oh-oh, just like the other day. Picture your eyes as I fall asleep. Tell myself, it's alright, oh-oh, as the tears roll by.

This song is so calming and beautiful, just like the whole GALLERY album that I got addicted to. If you need something to relax to, I highly recommend listening to it.

Image by ~Shining~

4. I Prevail - My Heart I Surrender

Will our stars ever align?
Will two hearts, beat in time?

This song is really emotional, it can always bring tears to my eyes and that's something that only a really good song can do.

Image by ~Shining~

3. Tom Walker - Fly Away With Me

So come on fly away with me to a place where we could be anyone we wanna be.

This song is one of those songs that YouTube recommends you to listen to and I can't be more thankful for this magical song. I really don't understand how Tom Walker isn't famous yet, his voice is absolutely amazing, you can hear all the emotions in it. He definitely needs to be more recognized.

Image by ~Shining~

2. The Maine - Taxi

And in the backseat when you asked me: "Is the sadness everlasting?" I pulled you closer, looked at you and said: "Love, I think it is."

Another underrated band that deserves to be known. Choosing just one song from The Maine is not easy at all, I discovered them a few months ago and I'm absolutely in love with them ever since. There is not a song I wouldn't like from them, which doesn't happen very often. After putting some thought into it, I chose the song called Taxi. Thanks to this song (and Spotify's Discover section) I listened to every other and now I consider The Maine as one of my favourite bands.

Image by ~Shining~

1. Linkin Park - One More Light

Just 'cause you can't see it, doesn't mean it, isn't there...
If they say... Who cares if one more light goes out? In the sky of a million stars... It flickers, flickers... Who cares when someone's time runs out? If a moment is all we are... Or quicker, quicker...
Who cares if one more light goes out? Well, I do.

And finally, the song that means the world to me. I get emotional even writing about it, because I've loved Linkin Park since forever. They have always been my favourite band (and always will be) and seeing them live was the best day of my life. I was lucky enough to hear this beautiful song live. Before I get way too emotional, I'll stop and the only thing I say is: "Well, I do, Chester, I do."

Image by ~Shining~

Thank you so much for reading this article, I hope you liked it and that you'll love the songs just as much as I do. If you want me to listen to any of the songs you love, don't be afraid to message me, I always appreciate a good song recommendation! :)

You can find some of my favourite lyrics in this collection.

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I'll be posting photos from my trip to Amsterdam very soon! :)

So that's it for my first article, talk to you later!

With love,

Ella ^-^