Michael Clifford, in my eyes, is under appriecataed. He's been viewed as the ugly one, the rude one, the one that's too loud - he's been viewed as many things and, unless you're part of the 5sosfam, not many are positive.

Truth is, Michael is loud, and Michael can be a little rude at times ( I mean, he's only human, right?) but that doesn't mean his raw talent should go unnoticed.

Michael has a great voice, for a start. His voice is deep, meaningful and calming. It makes you feel something. It makes you feel like he closely relates to personal pain, to bad experiences, to good experiences, to emotional pain.
Even the look of concentration when he sings - the way his eyes squint and his eyebrows furrow slightly - shows that he is putting everything he has into his performance - and for what? For dickhead critics to say that he can't sing; for people to say that he's just another artist who pretends to relate to the lyrics that leave their lips?

Michael Clifford is underappriecated and it makes me sick to my stomach because people just can't see that he is so devoted, so concentrated, and so grateful for everything he has. People can't see that he puts his heart and soul into everything.

And then there's his instrumental talent.
The way his fingers graze the strings of a guitar as easily as if he's breathing is so admirable.
It makes you realise that he's put effort - and a whole fucking lot of it too - into being a musician. He didn't know he was going to become a world famous musician when he started playing the guitar; he didn't know he would have millions of fans to help produce music for; he didn't know he would touring the world; playing shows every night; he didn't know these things when he started playing so that just proves how naturally talented he is.

But when you put the band aside, you find Michael Clifford's personality.
He can be loud, he can be humorous, he can do idiotic things for our entertainment, but if you look closely you'll see that he is as insecure as he was when he was merely 15 years old. And that, for me, just makes him twice as beautiful.

The fact that some people can insult, disrespect, and belittle Michael is disgusting because he is smart, he is funny, he is talented in many ways, he makes a lot of people happy and to top it all off he is fucking gorgeous.

So just show a little more appreciation. He deserves it.