1. Heyyyy!So let's start with the typical one: I'm Vaso and I live in Greece. Ohh and I'm 21 years old.

Ok now let's go to the fun stuff!

2. I'm in love with fashion and I always wanted to start my youtube channel with my twin sis( @MyEverythingHoneymoon ) but we study at different cities now. So when I learned about this new feature(the articles) I went way too excited.

3. I will post a new article every Sunday(so wait for it) and it will be more about fashion.

4. I'm a huge anime lover and my all time favorite one is the Fate Zero/Fate Stay Night.

5. I also love video games but mostly League of Legends(LOL) and here are some of my mains: Miss Fortune, Jinx, and Xayah.

jinx, league of legends, and lol image league of legends and miss fortune image

6. I finally this year became a mermaid and dyed my hair fun unicorn colors such as purple, pink and light blue.

article and fashion image fashion, hair, and purple image

7. My favorite book is Eragon and I highly recommend it to you if you are into fantasy, fiction, adventure type of books.

8. I got a kitty this year and his name is Rengar.

9. I wanna travel and explore the world.

10. I would really love to go to Coachella one day, meet my favorite YouTubers, enjoy the music and have fun.

I hope you all enjoyed my introduction.See ya soon xixixi! <3