There are times in life when you have much to worry about. Will I graduate from school or college? Will I reach that one goal? What will my future look like? I made a mistake - how can I fix it? Do people even like me? But worrying sure doesn't help to make you feel better! It only makes things worse, and it doesn't solve your problems. But thank God there's a way to stop this awful habit. :) Here are some tips:

  • Sometimes there is simply nothing to worry about. It is possible that you worry about something there is absolutely no need to worry about! Ask yourself if it makes sense to overthink about a certain thing, and if you think that maybe your worries could be unfounded, stop it right away! It is better for you.

An example: if you worry about your graduation, but you know that you always had good grades and do well in school, then why should you not graduate? You see - there is no need to worry! :)

  • Instead of making yourself feel bad about a certain problem by overthinking, make plans to solve your problem. Think about ways to deal with it. Don't just sit there, but do something! :) And when you made a plan, you should stop overthinking and do something that makes you happy.
  • Know that overthinking is bad for your mental health. You just make yourself sad darling :( When you notice that your worries are about to pop up again, tell your mind to stop. Do something to distract you: exercise, go for a walk, read a book, watch your favorite movie... just do something relaxing :)
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  • Forgive yourself and others. If you made a mistake or if somebody else disappointed you in the past, you can't change it anymore. But you shouldn't let it affect you your whole life! Many worries have their roots in your past. Think about what went wrong again, learn your lesson, and then let it go. And forgive :)
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  • Live in the moment. The best way to stop overthinking is to live in the moment and to fully concentrate on what you are doing right now. Don't think about your future or about your past, just live in the present!
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