Hi everybody autumn is my favorite time of the year and it´s finally here!!
i'm going to give you some ideas and different types of outfit for this time of the year. Hope you like it!!

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You can make that any outfit better.
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It´s the favorite coat of a lot of famous.
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This one is more casual like for go to the mall or do something fun.
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Also you can use it for and elegant occasion.
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There are a lot of styles and colors.
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I´m totally in love.
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Yes i know this is not a coat but is kind of the same material so is a good idea for any outfit the thing is make the perfect balance with the accessories.
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Like i was tell you, you can make it as extra as you like.

This is everything for today!! Love you guys, sorry for any mistake i have i learning don´t be rude xoxo.