We've all done it. If we have done it in middle school, high school or college.

We all had to go from our usual school to a new school.We had to leave our friends and/or family behind. And some of us (like me) had to move in another country to do that. It sucks trust me. It's nothing like the movies or books. So I made up a list with tips and advice (till now) on how to survive your first days of school..new school.

1.The first day of school always sucks. DO NOT THINK IS GOING TO BE GREAT! You are going to pick an outfit with your bff from back home for 1h and then get to school where everyone is looking casual and you like a employee that is terrified of his boss and overdresses.So just chill, throw some pants and a T-shirt and go!!!

2.Don't think people are going to come to you. It sounds horrible I know but it is true. Of course some people will speak with you but not like 'Hey I'm....so what's your favourite tv show"but like this "If you ever need help just ask me ok??"So you will have to start for a long time useless conversations...chit chats...
3.Be strong.Don't you dare go in the bathroom and cry or call your other bff. You just have to go in there with a Look What You Made Me Do attitude. I myself am an introvert and a shy girl. I hate interaction with strangers and making new friends is very difficult for me. I always think strangers are weird and the people I need to make friends with are intimidating and much cooler than me.They make me feel anxious and like a piece of shit. I hate it. It produces for me panic attacks (I have anxiety...) and all I want is to run from the entire world.
4.Talk. GO there like a little child in and  ask everyone stupid things. This is your chance to reinvent yourself. To finally BE yourself. So go speak with every person of class and ask all of them like what their favourite movie is. Maybe one of them will have the exact same one as you. And BAM!!You have your conversation and like that a new friend. And you will get to know all of your new colleagues preferences. There you go! 
5.Try to be more active in the first month in school.For teachers first opinion is a must and trust me they will remember you like that for the rest of the year even if you change afterwards.But don't like buy them gifts or flowers and expect them to love you. They actually going to think you are trying to buy them.So just be more active at first and then you can go with your natural habits in school. If you are great at the beginning and then after 1 month get a bad mark, THEY will help you fix it or even change it. They are going to put you answer the easy questions because in their heads they think you know the answer to the hard ones even if we all know you bloody don't. This maybe isn't a tip for the first days of school but it is definitely going to save you for the rest of the year.
6.You can still talk to your old friends u know?? You can ask them for their opinions. You don't have to be an asshole with your old friends. They still want your best and trust me...when you will talk with them you will do it for 2h a day. I'm not complaining!!! And last but not least....
7.The first week always sucks..because you and all the people around you want to get to know you. At first from distance and then through conversations. So my advice for the first 2/4 days is to stay put, see how they act with their friends and teachers and then go on with nr.4. 
So good luck for the new year.