I didn't expect this article feature to appear. I'm not entirely sure what is expected to come of it. I've had a bunch of people follow me or one of my "collections", but I've never had any interaction beyond that.

Is that a good thing? Only time will tell.

I came here when I went searching for something similar to Pinterest. Something less creepy/privacy-invading. Something with more focus on ... "fashion". I dislike using that word as I'm not "fashionable", nor is that my goal. Also "fashion" tends to have a feminine feel in the US, and I don't want to come off as though I'm attempting to be a woman. I am not.

Which leads me to my big question: With articles being an option now, is anyone here truly interested in my input? (My "voice" to use today's touchy-feely nomenclature.)

I suspect I'm not the only crossdresser here. But I've not seen anyone put it out. And being a hetero crossdresser is a sub-section of a sub-section. Does that make me interesting or an outsider?